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Welcome To The Smokey Mountain Bee Farm Web Site

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - We will be taking orders for spring 2022 queens and packages starting August 15th. We will be offering 2 pound (2#) and 3 pound (3#) packages in 2022. These are not a number 2 (#2) or number 3 (#3) package which may or may not include 2 or 3 pounds of bees. We weigh each package to ensure you get what you pay for, a full 2 or 3 pounds bees. In fact, our customers tell us our 2 pound packages have more bees in them than #3 (number 3) packages and our 3 pound packages have more bees than a number 4 (#4) package from other suppliers.

You must order early to get the first ship dates. Email us at with your complete name address, phone number, what you need, and we will email you back the total cost or you can order from our Queen and Package Order Checkout page.

Welcome to the Smokey Mountain Bee Farm web site. We are happy to offer Winters strain Italian honeybee to the public for the first time in many years. We have found a long time beekeeper that has had our bloodlines since the 1970's without treatment. This stock was developed by us over fifty years ago in the 1960's and 1970's for winter hardiness and honey production. We are proud that we can offer this great bee to the public. Our shipping season will be from May 1-15th until mid-September depending on the weather. Have a honey of a bee year!